Hydraulic arm PREMIUM

Robust construction, high operational reliability, endless rotation

Hydraulic loading cranes PREMIUM excel Robust construction and high reliability operation, which is ideal for Deployment against an extremely challenging conditions are primarily intended for use in the woodworking industry, scrapyards or wherever it is necessary to quick and reliable handling of heavy loads.

The possibility of using hydraulic cranes

Everywhere you need quick and reliable handling of heavy loads.

Use our cranes
in the woodworking industry.

Drive slewing crane
is a hydraulic motor
with planetary gear

Stationary hydraulic arm
mounted on a trolley

Load capacity (kg)

Range (m)

Stationary hydraulic arms are manufactured in various modifications (sizes)

Range in m Load capacity in kg
4 6500
6 4800
8 3600
10 2900
12 2400
13 2200


All stationary hydraulic arms are manufactured according to European standard EN 12999, Operating N3 lifting class H2, loading group B5. CE marking on a crane symbolizes the fulfillment of requirements of the Machinery Directive of the European Parliament.

An obvious part of our services is the installation of hydraulic arms, putting them to do the operation, operator training, subsequent warranty and service spare parts supply accessories.

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